Practice Groups: The Rinzai Zen Community
The Rinzai Zen Community (RZC) is the larger network of practice groups and practitioners anchored by Daiyuzenji and Korinji, our sister temple near Madison, WI. 

If you live at a distance and can't practice at Daiyuzenji, you can still connect to our community through an RZC practice group or directly through the RZC site.  Daiyuzenji members donating regularly to us are automatically registered as RZC members. RZC members receive access to resources such as videos and downloads, and to discounted fees for special events including sesshin (retreats). 

RZC practice groups currently exist in the USA, Germany and Norway.  They are excellent places to receive instruction in basic zazen (seated meditation) and to practice with a group of supportive peers.  RZC groups are also visited by teachers and senior students from our main centers, and serve as gateways for those interested in entering into a formal practice with a Zen teacher.

For more information on RZC and to locate a practice group, please visit the RZC website here.  You may also join RZC online there.

We are interested in supporting anyone who wishes to practice Zen.  If you'd like to start a Rinzai Zen Community practice group in your area, please contact us and we may be able to help.