Submit your Membership Dues Online

After visiting Daiyuzenji and receiving introductory instruction you are welcome to become a member.  Membership entitles you to attend all the activities in our weekly schedule and events calendar.  Our members are also automatically registered with the Rinzai Zen Community ( and receive access to many downloadable practice resources on the the RZC website.

The suggested membership dues is $50/month, which is a tax-deductible donation.  Your donations allow us to maintain our facility and offer Zen practice to the public.  Note: if this amount is not possible for you, we offer a reduced one will be turned away.  And we're grateful also if you choose to donate more.

To submit your monthly dues online using an automated PayPal subscription, please use the drop-down menu below to choose your donation level.  Then click "subscribe".  You can do this even if you don't have a PayPal account, and you may cancel your subscription at any time.