About Daiyuzenji

Daiyuzenji is a Zen Buddhist temple in the Rinzai lineage, located on Chicago's North Side. We are an open community from diverse backgrounds, joined together to support one another in our Zen training. Our mission is simple: to make this transformative practice available to all, and to ensure its transmission to future generations.

If you are interested in visiting us or beginning Zen practice we welcome you: beginners are given introductory meditation instruction enabling them to participate in any activity here. If you'd like to come in see our Getting Started page. 

Our abbot is So'zan Miller Roshi, a Zen priest who has received Rinzai dharma transmission (inka shomei) and who guides our practice.  He and several other teachers are available to discuss your training with you at any time. Formal practice under the guidance of a teacher is offered to persons feeling an affinity with our path.

Daiyuzenji serves as one of two sister temples anchoring a larger network of Zen practice groups and practitioners called the Rinzai Zen Community (RZC).  Our other center, Korinji, is a rural monastery being constructed near Madison, WI and our members are active supporting that project as well.

Daiyuzenji is a not-for-profit organization. Donations (tax-deductible) are thankfully accepted.  If you are too far away to physically practice at Daiyuzenji, again please see the RZC site where you can register, donate and connect with our practice community.

Finally, one interesting aspect of our particular line of Zen is that it has historically stressed the use of various complementary activities, such as fine arts and physical culture, to deepen and refine the insight gained from formal Zen training.  Activities like calligraphy are thus practiced here, and we share our facility with the Japanese Martial Arts Society (Shinjinkai), which provides training in Aikido and other traditional martial arts.  

We welcome your interest and inquiries; please contact us at any time!